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Immigration and visas

All international students outside the European Union must apply for a long-term study visa, covering the entire study period. It is essential that students obtain a study visa prior to entry into the Czech Republic. All international students and visitors are advised to contact the Czech Embassy in their home country in order to obtain the latest information regarding the visa application procedure.

It is advisable to apply for the long-term study visa well in advance of the intended arrival date, as the processing of the visa takes approx. 2 months from the date of submitting the application form at the Czech Embassy in the home country. This form needs to be accompanied by the following documents (not older than 180 days):

  • letter confirming admission to study or study confirmation
  • letter confirming accommodation or accommodation confirmation

Both of these documents are issued by the Czech host university.

  • proof of health insurance and financial coverage, passport, birth certificate and passport size photos

In addition, the Czech Embassy in the home country may request proof of the lack of a criminal record in the home and host countries.