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Dr. Phil. Simone KRAUS

Nadřazené pracoviště: Ústav jazykové přípravy
Správa UJP

Pracoviště: Správa UJP

Nadřazené pracoviště Ústav jazykové přípravy (UJP)
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Úterý 08:30 09:30 Každý UU 306
Čtvrtek 08:30 09:30 Každý UU 306

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Poznámka Dr. Kraus is an experienced translator and university lecturer. She earned her doctoral degree in American Studies from the renowned Translation School of JOHANNES GUTENBERG UNIVERSITY/MAINZ where she taught translation classes and English for ten years. --- In 2017, the prestigious BREAD LOAF WRITERS' Conference of MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE accepted her as manuscript contributor for creative nonfiction in the workshop led by Luis Alberto Urrea. --- In 2016, she was the recipient of a KATHARINE BAKELESS NASON GRANT for emerging writers for the BREAD LOAF TRANSLATORS' CONFERENCE of MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE. She is the author of 'Prag in der amerikanischen Literatur: Cynthia Ozick und Philip Roth' ('Prague in American Literature: Cynthia Ozick and Philip Roth'), a book focusing on the literary representation of Prague in the works of Ozick and Roth. It was published by the Peter Lang Publishing Group in 2016. --- In addition to her significant experience in the field of American and Translation Studies, Dr. Kraus earned a Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Adults from the UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL, England. --- Her RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC INTERESTS include: American Literature (focus on 19th/20th century), Translation Studies, Literary Translation (e.g. Kafka's letters in English translation), Legal Translation, Teaching English for Specific Purposes (Law/Economics). --- Between 2013 and 2016, Dr. Kraus was a member of the ASPEN INSTITUTE Prague (now Aspen Institute Central Europe).