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Optimization of continuous industrial furnace operation

HONNER, M., VESELÝ, Z., ŠVANTNER, M., LITOŠ, P., BAUER, K., HERCÍK, M., KUBA, A. Optimization of continuous industrial furnace operation. In Industrial Furnaces and Boilers. Lisbon: Albino Reis, 2002. s. 85-94. ISBN: 972-8034-05-9
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Optimization of continuous industrial furnace operation
Rok vydání: 2002
Místo konání: Lisbon
Název zdroje: Albino Reis
Autoři: Milan Honner , Zdeněk Veselý , Michal Švantner , Pavel Litoš , Karel Bauer , Michal Hercík , Antonín Kuba
Abstrakt EN: This contribution is devoted to the development of an optimal heating control system. The system is applied to optimize the continuous furnace operation. There are two parts of the optimization system playing the key role in the proper performance of the system - billets heating process computations and billets required temperature determination. Various meth-ods of measurement complemented with computer modelling techniques are used to find out the furnace parameters. Simplified simulation model of billet heating process is incorporated in the optimization system. Determination of the billet required temperature is based in the definition of the so-called heating curve and its application to various furnace operation re-gimes. Laboratory and on-furnace tests have been conducted to prove the optimization system functionality.
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