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Temperature and heat transfer measurement in continuous furnaces

ŠVANTNER, M., HONNER, M., VESELÝ, Z., ČEJKA, F., BAUER, K., ČERMÁK, F. Temperature and heat transfer measurement in continuous furnaces. In Industrial Furnaces and Boilers. Lisbon: Albino Reis, 2002. s. 95-104. ISBN: 972-8034-05-9
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Temperature and heat transfer measurement in continuous furnaces
Rok vydání: 2002
Místo konání: Lisbon
Název zdroje: Albino Reis
Autoři: Michal Švantner , Milan Honner , Zdeněk Veselý , František Čejka , Karel Bauer , František Čermák
Abstrakt EN: The paper deals with the measurement in continuous industrial furnaces. The first part of the paper presents the measuring technique and measuring device. Temperature of the selected billet and its surrounding furnace atmosphere is measured by thermocouples. They are connected with the measuring device which is covered by the protection housing and moves together with the billets throughout the continuous furnace. The thermal box-barrier of the protection cover is successfully tested during the calibration measurement of the industrial pusher-type furnace - furnace temperature 1000-1300 °C, time in furnace about 2 hours. The second part deals with the applications in the industrial pusher-type furnace. Data and description of the experiments are presented in brief. Temperature evolutions measured on the experimental billet and records of the furnace heating control system are shown as the primary results.
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