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Metodologická úroveň rozdělení sociální a biologické sféry v antropologii

SOSNA, D., GALETA, P., SLÁDEK, V. Metodologická úroveň rozdělení sociální a biologické sféry v antropologii. Plzeň, 2006.
Jazyk publikace: xxx
Anglický název: Methodological Division of Biological and Social Spheres in Anthropology
Rok vydání: 2006
Místo konání: Plzeň
Autoři: Daniel Sosna , Patrik Galeta , Vladimír Sládek
Abstrakt EN: This study presents a brief overview of the history of the qual-quant approaches in anthropology to argue that the qual-quant distinction is a result of the historical development of science and cannot be perceived as a valid tool for constructing the border between biological and socio-cultural anthropology. To support our argument we gathered evidence of qualitative data and analyses in biological anthropology and quantitative data and analyses in socio-cultural anthropology. We conclude that the construction of professional identity on the basis of either qualitative or quantitative methodology is counterproductive. Scientific questions should be the primary sphere that defines the type of methods that are appropriate for answering them. Since many research methods are shared across various disciplines today, anthropologists should be open to methodological advances in different subdisciplines and not enclose themselves in secure environment of approaches devoid of innovation.
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