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String-Beam System: Model and Solver

BRANDNER, M., MATAS, A. String-Beam System: Model and Solver. Ostravice, 2006.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: String-Beam System: Model and Solver
Rok vydání: 2006
Místo konání: Ostravice
Autoři: Marek Brandner , Aleš Matas
Abstrakt EN: The problems of qualitative properties of the nonlinear models of suspension bridges has been studied already from late eighties. However, most of the work were done for the problem with periodic boundary conditions. The interest in initial--boundary value problems (IBVPs) could be tracked back only few years ago. Since, the numerical simulations are also not widely studied we give a comprehensive view on these topics in the case of IBVPs for the nonlinear string--beam system. The qualitative properties of IBVPs are the existence and uniqueness together with the regularity of the solution. Fadeo--Galerkin method is the main tool to study these problems. The numerical experiments are based primarily on finite element method.
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