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Konzistence prostorových dat ISKN.

JANEČKA, K. Konzistence prostorových dat ISKN.. VUT, Brno, 2007.
Jazyk publikace: xxx
Anglický název: Consistence of Spatial Data in Information System of Cadastre.
Rok vydání: 2007
Místo konání: VUT, Brno
Autoři: Karel Janečka
Abstrakt EN: There is the main source of spatial data in the Czech Republic – the Information System of Cadastre (ISC), maintained by the Czech Office for Survaying, Mapping and Cadastre. There is attribute data as well as spatial data in form of the digital cadastral map in the ISC. Oracle Database is used for the storage of data in the ISC. Consistency assuring of spatial relationships between geometries of spatial features is very important for an effective usage of data. I tried to describe the usage of spatial data from the ISC for generalization purposes. I would like to mention one limiting factor of the automatic generalization – errors in consistency of spatial data. There I describe one concrete example of consistency checking in this article – selecting of all empty polygons.
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