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webmath.zcu.cz - scientific computing to your home

GIRG, P. webmath.zcu.cz - scientific computing to your home. Tomar, 2006.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: webmath.zcu.cz - scientific computing to your home
Rok vydání: 2006
Místo konání: Tomar
Autoři: Petr Girg
Abstrakt EN: Computer algebra systems become an undispensable tool in research and education nowadays. Purchase and maintenance of such software together with corresponding hardware is very expansive and not every educational or research institution can afford them. As an alternative, we offer high-performace computing 64-bit cluster with gridMathematica accesible through webpages. These interactive webpages are powered by webMathematica and give acces to several computional applications which were programed under gridMathematica. Our project gives chance to young talented undegraduate students to program their algorithms (of broader interest) and make them accesible to users from universites and academy. Two of students involved in this project: Josef Otta and Pavel Martinek will present some applications in their talks.
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