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Classical and computer methods in elementary geometry

PECH, P., HORA, J. Classical and computer methods in elementary geometry. In TIME-2004.Technology and its Integration into Mathematics Education. Montreal: [S.n.], 2004. s. 1-20. ISBN: 3-901769-59-5
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Classical and computer methods in elementary geometry
Rok vydání: 2004
Místo konání: Montreal
Název zdroje: [S.n.]
Autoři: Pavel Pech , Jaroslav Hora
Abstrakt CZ: Klasické a počítačové metody v elementární geometrii
Abstrakt EN: We wil show that the present stage of development of computer hardware and software enables to solve many elementary and non elementary problems of classical geometry. Whereas classical methods show the beauty of geometry, enable better insight into the situation and better understanding the problem, on the other hand by computer methods we can solve complex elementary and non elementary problems. Computer algebra methods enable automatic proving theorems of elementary geometry, automatic derivation and discovery of geometric formulas, construction of geometric objects which have given properties and which cannot be easily done with a ruler and compass, etc. On a few examples from geometry of polygons in a plane the strengths and waknesses of the both methods are demonstrated. It is shown that both classical and computer methods are helpful in teaching mathematics.
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