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Transformation system - revisited

EDER, W., HOSNEDL, S. Transformation system - revisited. In Design for society. Paris: Ecole Centrale Paris, 2007. s. 733-734. ISBN: 1-904670-01-6
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Transformation system - revisited
Rok vydání: 2007
Místo konání: Paris
Název zdroje: Ecole Centrale Paris
Autoři: W. Ernst Eder , Stanislav Hosnedl
Abstrakt EN: The purpose in this paper is to clarify the theory, interpretations, and applications of transformation processes (TrfP), their technologies (Tg), and the effects (Ef) delivered by the operators, particularly the technical systems (TS), especially for design engineering. For design engineering, if the operand and its transformation process can be identified, and a suiteble technology chosen, then the necessary TS-internal and cross-boundary functions of the technical system can be deduced. Technical systems (TS) are a sub-grouping of "artifacts", i.e. those that have a substantial engineering content. The term technical system is usually understood to mean "a tangible technical object (artifact, product) that is capable of performing a task for a purpose and is used as the collective term for such objects. The purpose is a technical process (TP). Examples show the intended interpretations of various concepts that are useful for non-routine design engineering.
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