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Microstructure of Steel X210Cr12 after the Forming In Semi-Solid State

AIŠMAN, D., BEHÚLOVÁ, M., JIRKOVÁ, H., MAŠEK, B. Microstructure of Steel X210Cr12 after the Forming In Semi-Solid State. Jihlava, 2010., ISBN: 978-80-904462-3-6,
Druh: Zaniklé typy
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Microstructure of Steel X210Cr12 after the Forming In Semi-Solid State
Rok vydání: 2010
Místo konání: Jihlava
Název zdroje: Asociace pro tepelné zpracování kovů, ECOSOND s.r.o., Česká společnost pro nové materiály a technologie, Ústav fyziky materiálů AV ČR
Autoři: Ing. David Aišman , Mária Behúlová , Dr. Ing. Hana Jirková , Prof. Dr. Ing. Bohuslav Mašek
Abstrakt EN: Semi-solid forming belongs to the relatively new near-net-shape technologies dedicated for manufacturing products with complex geometries and improved material properties. Semi-solid metal forming takes place at temperatures between solidus and liquidus, thus it can combine the advantages of metal forging and metal casting processes using additionally the positive consequences of rapid solidification. The paper deals with the evaluation of microstructures of the X210Cr12 steel developed in the miniature thin-walled product prepared by newly designed technology of thixoforming. Microstructure of the X210Cr12 steel after rapid cooling and solidification under pressure is formed by quasi-globular grains of metastable austenite surrounded by carbides and fine eutectics. According to X-ray diffraction phase analysis, the fraction of metastable austenite in structure was found to be 96 %. The metastable austenite exhibits the thermal stability up to the temperature of 550 °C. The initial 2D simulation model considering the one-phase non-newtonian flow of material in semi-solid state was developed to investigate the complex problem of a die cavity filling during thixoforming.
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