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Time Response of Voltage Distribution in Transformer

PŘEDOTA, A., BENEŠOVÁ, Z. Time Response of Voltage Distribution in Transformer. In Computational Problems of Electrical Engineering. Warsaw: Warsaw University of Technology, 2009. s. 10.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Time Response of Voltage Distribution in Transformer
Rok vydání: 2009
Místo konání: Warsaw
Název zdroje: Warsaw University of Technology
Autoři: Ing. Antonín Předota , Prof. Ing. Zdeňka Benešová CSc.
Abstrakt EN: This paper deals with transient phenomena in the winding of the single-phase unloaded transformer. Two approaches are presented. One approach is based on the model created as a network with distributed parameters. It enables to obtain the surge voltage and the current distribution along the winding at the beginning of the step response and to determine the maximum value of the voltage. The second method is based on the winding model as a cascade connection of two-ports, it is solved in time domain. The transfer function of this chain is also evaluated and the dynamic process can be analyzed according to position of poles in complex plane.
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