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Infrared camera analysis of laser hardening

TESAŘ, J., VACÍKOVÁ, P., SOUKUP, O. Infrared camera analysis of laser hardening. University of L´Aquila, Italy, 2011.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Infrared camera analysis of laser hardening
Rok vydání: 2011
Autoři: Ing. Jiří Tesař , Ing. Petra Vacíková , Ing. Ondřej Soukup ,
Abstrakt EN: Improvement of surface properties such as laser hardening becomes very important in present manufacturing. Resulting laser hardening depth can be affected by changes in optical properties of material surface i.e. by absorption coefficient that gives the ratio between absorbed energy and incident laser energy. The surface changes on tested sample of steel block were made by engraving laser with different velocity and frequency. During the laser hardening the process was observed by infrared (IR) camera system that measures infrared radiation from the heated sample and depicts it in a form of temperature field. The thermogram (image from the IR camera) of the sample is shown. Maximal temperatures of all engraved areas are evaluated and compared. The highest and the lowest temperatures correspond to the highest and the lowest hardening depths.
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