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Analiza religijnosci Romow na przykladzie rytualu przysiegi przed krzyzem

JAKOUBEK, M., JAKOUBKOVÁ BUDILOVÁ, L. Analiza religijnosci Romow na przykladzie rytualu przysiegi przed krzyzem. Studia Romologica, 2011, roč. neuveden, č. 4, s. 83-94. ISSN: 1689-4758
Jazyk publikace: pol
Anglický název: Analysis of Roma religiosity. The case of the oath at the cross
Rok vydání: 2011
Autoři: PhDr. Mgr. Marek Jakoubek Ph.D. , Mgr. Lenka Jakoubková Budilová Ph.D.
Abstrakt CZ: Text se zabývá analýzou religiozity u romských/cigánských skupin na východním Slovensku z perspektivy sociální antropologie. Příkladem religiózné instituce, na níž autoři svoji analýzu vystavěli, je specifický zvyk "přísahy u kříže".
Abstrakt EN: The text is based on the outcomes of a long-term field research carried out in eastern Slovakia, and it focuses on the character and specifics of religiosity of the Romany settlements inhabitants. One of the characteristic features of this religiosity is the fact that its core is still based on magical practices while Christianity only covers it on the surface. The authors attempt to document this feature by examining a particular example of a chosen institution, this institution being the ritual procedure of the oath at the cross. Even though this practice is commonly known and frequently mentioned in literature, we are of the opinion that most references have so far been of the character of a mere record without an attempt to comprehend its inner nature. Thus, our objective is to explore the intrinsic logic of this institution, which may moreover be helpful in terms of illuminating the whole of the religious system of the Romany settlements inhabitants because in many aspects it may be treated as a model example of a magical procedure concealed under the garb of Christianity. Consequently, this concrete consideration may be generally valid on the structural level.
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