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Diversity management: a necessary prerequisite for organizational innovations?

EGEROVÁ, D., EGER, L., KRIŠTOFOVÁ, Z. Diversity management: a necessary prerequisite for organizational innovations?. In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference Liberec Economic Forum 2013. Liberec: Technical University, 2013. s. 125-134. ISBN: 978-80-7372-953-0
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Diversity management: a necessary prerequisite for organizational innovations?
Rok vydání: 2013
Místo konání: Liberec
Název zdroje: Technical University
Autoři: PaedDr. Dana Egerová Ph.D. , Doc. PaedDr. Ludvík Eger CSc. , Zuzana Krištofová
Abstrakt EN: The paper presents a research study focusing on implementation of diversity management in the Czech corporate setting from the perspective of the large companies which, using their international background, successfully implement various diversity management policies and programs. The case studies presented in this paper continue our previous international research aimed to highlight just diversity management in the Visegrad countries.The findings of the present study clearly indicate the connection between the organizational strategy and the CSR strategy and the organizational culture when applying various activities in the field of diversity management. The results of the research study also indicate that knowledge-based organizations are engaged in development and care of people who are represent human potential inevitable for the innovation potential of companies. The six companies covered in the case studies ranks among successful companies in the Czech Republic that have already gained a number of awards for activities in the above field. Therefore we assume as very useful to present a comparison of the examined elements of diversity management implementation in successful companies regarding development of both theory and for its practical application.
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