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Hardware for rail traffic simulator

KŘIVKA, J., ELIS, L., VLÁŠEK, J., ŽAHOUR, J., ŠTĚTKA, P., KOSTURIK, K. Hardware for rail traffic simulator. In 21st Telecommunications Forum TELFOR 2013 Proceedings of Papers. Bělehrad: IEEE, 2013. s. 590-593. ISBN: 978-1-4799-1419-7
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Hardware for rail traffic simulator
Rok vydání: 2013
Místo konání: Bělehrad
Název zdroje: IEEE
Autoři: Ing. Jindřich Křivka , Ing. Luděk Elis , Ing. Jakub Vlášek , Ing. Jiří Žahour , Ing. Petr Štětka , Ing. Kamil Kosturik Ph.D.
Abstrakt EN: The goal of this paper is to describe the hardware for a rail traffic simulator. It has been designed as a teaching aid for the Department of Applied Electronics at the University of West Bohemia. The simulator was developed for verification of the reliability of railway safety algorithms for direct access of the human factor. The simulator consists of: rails, position balises, station units, rail vehicles, a train cabin and a safety application, which is verified. Communication between the elements of the system is based on wireless transmissions. The hardware withstood well during testing by randomly selected people. It fully meets the requirements of the system.
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