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Paremii kak istočnik kul´turologičeskoj informacii

VALOVA, L. Paremii kak istočnik kul´turologičeskoj informacii. In Cizí jazyky IX : Rusko: země - jazyk - kultura. Plzeň: Západočeská univerzita, 2013. s. 136-143. ISBN: 978-80-261-0303-5
Jazyk publikace: rus
Anglický název: Proverbs as the source of culturogical information
Rok vydání: 2013
Místo konání: Plzeň
Název zdroje: Západočeská univerzita
Autoři: Doc. Liudmila Valova CSc.
Abstrakt EN: The article has written within the framework of cultural linguistic issues of the language material. The test object of article ? the proverb units, given by Vladimir Dal? in the part ?Superstitious beliefs ? proverbial signs? of Russian nation collected book. The author of article gives accent to the proverbs-notices and proverbs-recommendations, compares them with the proverbial signs that are prevail in modern Russia. The present material allows to make a defined deduction concerning the singularities of Russian national mentality and could be used on the lessons of Russian as a foreign language.
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