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Dynamika tożsamości – pokrewieństwo, miejsce, państwo. Studia Romologica

JAKOUBKOVÁ BUDILOVÁ, L., JAKOUBEK, M. Dynamika tożsamości – pokrewieństwo, miejsce, państwo. Studia Romologica. Studia Romologica, 2012, roč. ?Neuveden", č. 5, s. 97-112. ISSN: 1689-4758
Jazyk publikace: pol
Anglický název: Dynamics of Identity - Kinship, Localitym State
Rok vydání: 2012
Autoři: Mgr. Lenka Jakoubková Budilová Ph.D. , Doc. PhDr. Marek Jakoubek Ph.D.
Abstrakt EN: The text is based on a long-term field research in both the Slovak Roma/Gypsy settlements, or ”osadas”, and the Czech urban suburbs. It grasps the problem of identity of the social group we have studied, whose primary identity is that of “Gypsies”. The fall of communism in the Central and Eastern Europe, the emergence of the two independent states – the Czech and the Slovak Republic, and joining the EU brought wide-ranging changes in perceiving of identity of our informants. The division of the former Czechoslovakia established new borders, which, nevertheless, did not have any strong effect neither on the migratory movements between both the newly founded states, or on the perceiving of the group identity of my informants. New opportunities appeared, including more intensive labour migrations. The problem of identity of the Roma/Gypsy group is discussed and the effect the recent social and political changes had on their perceiving of who they are. The crucial questions are – do our informants share local identity, kinship identity, state identity, or European identity? Do they share any European trans-national Roma identity? Do they share any common trans-national European identity? What are the interrelationships between these various strata of identities and to what extent these relationships are influenced by the contemporary processes of EU integration?
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