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Porcupine cutter test cutting

SKLENIČKA, J., HNÁTÍK, J., TENK, J., KUTLWAŠER, J. Porcupine cutter test cutting. Hofmeister, s.r.o., 2014.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Porcupine cutter test cutting
Rok vydání: 2014
Název zdroje: Hofmeister, s.r.o.
Autoři: Ing. Josef Sklenička , Ing. Jan Hnátík Ph.D. , Jiří Tenk , Ing. Jan Kutlwašer
Abstrakt EN: We used the "porcupine" cutter Iscar H490 with ANKX inserts. The tool has two flutes and 5 inserts in axial directions. Due to the maximum clamping diameter D = 16 mm of the dynamometer, the tool shank had to be reduced to 16 mm. The radial eccentricity was measured after the reduction and the result was 0,01mm. Maximum cutting speed of the insert is 250 m/min and maximum chip thickness is 0,15 mm. The material of the work piece was carbon steel CSN 11 483 (1.0570) approx. 500MPa. The matching material from the material library is Alloy Steels_220BHN-21HRC.
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