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Inside-out: the limits of language

DACH, S. Inside-out: the limits of language. Beiträge der Österreichischen Ludwig Wittgenstein Gesellschaft, 2015, roč. 23, č. srpen, s. 50-52. ISSN: 1022-3398
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Inside-out: the limits of language
Rok vydání: 2015
Autoři: Mgr. Stefanie Dach
Abstrakt CZ: Článek se věnuje jazykové metafoře v pozdním Wittgensteinovi a u Richarda Rortyho.
Abstrakt EN: My paper is concerned with occurrences of inside-outside metaphors of language in the later Wittgenstein and Richard Rorty. Although there are differences in the ways in which the two authors use this inside-outside image, it is not in line with their overall thought in either case. It implies that at the mysterious “outside” of language we can conceivably find something which makes the contrast between an inside and an outside of language interesting. Regardless of this, there must be some value in the metaphorics for Rorty and Wittgenstein. I try to identify this value and then suggest a less misleading picture that secures these positive aspects.
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