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Does brand awareness on Facebook really matter?

EGER, L. Does brand awareness on Facebook really matter?. In INNOVATION MANAGEMENT AND SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: FROM REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT TO GLOBAL GROWTH, VOLS I - VI. Norristown: International Business Information Management Association, 2015. s. 154-162. ISBN: 978-0-9860419-5-2
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Does brand awareness on Facebook really matter?
Rok vydání: 2015
Místo konání: Norristown
Název zdroje: International Business Information Management Association
Autoři: Doc. PaedDr. Ludvík Eger CSc.
Abstrakt EN: The study was conducted to examine what university students in the Czech Republic do on their computers during class and leisure time. In study a sample of 512 students from three Czech universities completed survey measuring their behaviors connected with using computers for their learning and other activities. One part of questioning was focused on advertising and communication with brands on Facebook. The results of this survey stress, that positive influence on brand's social network website depend namely on connection to Facebook. It means: virtual activity of students positively affects brand awareness promoted by companies on Facebook. The findings provide practical managerial suggestions to marketers and theoretical implications for future studies focused on Facebook.
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