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Maps, Ontologies and University Courses

ČERBA, O. Maps, Ontologies and University Courses. Curitiba, 2015.
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Maps, Ontologies and University Courses
Rok vydání: 2015
Autoři: Ing. Mgr. Otakar Čerba Ph.D. ,
Abstrakt EN: The main goal of this paper is to introduce and to open a discussion on an interconnection of three important trends of contemporary world of geographic and spatial data and information. These trends include accent to education (as an absolutely essential need of modern society as well as cartographic community), cartographic visualization (as a universal “lingua franca” for presenting and publishing of spatial data and information) and graph data (non-linear) structures in form of ontologies or similar principles (as a future of storing, processing and searching of spatial data and information). Barring an indispensable theoretical background (focused above all on ontologies and semantics as the most unfamiliar component of the above mentioned triple in cartographic community) the paper illustrates the process of development of a geographical ontology, its populations, interlinking to other linked data and cartographic visualization. It is presented by an example of two interconnected courses (Socio-economic geography for geomatics and Computer cartography) guaranteed and taught by the Geomatic section of the University of West Bohemia (Plzen, Czech Republic). These courses (originally independent and self-standing) familiarize students with questions of new approaches to spatial data and information based on semantics and graph structures as well as with possibilities of cartographic visualization of such data sets with respect to their specifics and with use of technologies of web cartography (for example transformation languages, Javascript libraries or Application Programming Interfaces). Both courses are designed for students of geomatics, spatial planning and partially information systems, which enable very interesting and useful synergy in the process of dealing with particular assignments.
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