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Fachsprache der Außenwirtschaft unter dem Aspekt der Phraseologie

HÖPPNEROVÁ, V. Fachsprache der Außenwirtschaft unter dem Aspekt der Phraseologie. Germanoslavica, 2016, roč. 27, č. 1, s. 58-79. ISSN: 1210-9029
Jazyk publikace: ger
Anglický název: The Language of International Trade from the Perspective of Phraseology
Rok vydání: 2016
Autoři: Prof. PhDr. Věra Höppnerová DrSc.
Abstrakt EN: Not only business correspondence, but the language of foreign trade as a whole is rich in various types of phraseological phenomena. The article deals with the most common nominal, verbal and adverbial structures, phrases and senteces specific to business correspondence and collocations in the field of profesisional communication. When studying a certain type of professional language, knowing how terms, specific phrases and whole sentences may be linked is of paramount importance.
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