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Country profile for the cadastre of the Czech Republic based on LADM

JANEČKA, K., SOUČEK, P. Country profile for the cadastre of the Czech Republic based on LADM. In Proceedings, 5th International FIG 3D Cadastre Workshop. Copenhagen, Denmark: International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), 2016. s. 285-305. ISBN: 978-87-92853-47-9
Jazyk publikace: eng
Anglický název: Country profile for the cadastre of the Czech Republic based on LADM
Rok vydání: 2016
Místo konání: Copenhagen, Denmark
Název zdroje: International Federation of Surveyors (FIG)
Autoři: Ing. Karel Janečka Ph.D. , Ing. Petr Souček Ph.D.
Abstrakt EN: In 2014 the New Civil Code entered into force in the Czech Republic. This Act addresses several aspects of 3D cadastre. In particular, real estates are land and underground construction with a separate special-purpose uses, as well as property rights to them. The Act says explicitly, that the space above and below the surface, buildings established on the land and other facilities (excluding temporary buildings), including what is embedded in land or fixed in the walls, are parts of the land. Furthermore, if an underground construction is not a real estate, then it is a part of the land, even if it affects (lays below) the other land. In connection with the adoption of the New Civil Code, also a new Cadastral Act (law number 256/2013 Coll., the "New Cadastral Act") entered into force as a basic legal cornerstone of the cadastre of real estate of the Czech Republic. This is the set of data about real estates in the Czech Republic, including their inventory and description and their geometric specification and position. Parts of it are records of property and other material rights and other legally stipulated rights to these real estates. Cadastre of real estate contents many important data about parcels and selected buildings and their owners and is administered as the information system about the territory of the Czech Republic mainly by the computer means, where cadastral unit is the basic territorial unit. Despite the fact, that the cadastre of real estates is registered in 2D, some paragraphs of the New Civil Code touches the 3D (e.g. the space above and below the surface is part of the land).
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