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Simuljakr: voploščenije v chudožestvennom tekste

DZHYNDZHOLIIA, G. Simuljakr: voploščenije v chudožestvennom tekste. In International symposium on Culture dialogue of the silk road countries. Erzurum, Turecko: Atatjurskij universitet, 2016. s. 186-190. ISBN: 978-975-442-813-1
Jazyk publikace: rus
Anglický název: Simulacrum: embodiment in literary texts
Rok vydání: 2016
Místo konání: Erzurum, Turecko
Název zdroje: Atatjurskij universitet
Autoři: Gigla Dzhyndzholiia
Abstrakt EN: The article examines the simulacrum embodiment in the novel by Yu. Polyakov ‘A Kid in Milk’. The main character of the novel, who has not written a single line, becomes a world famous writer, and everyone starts talking about his book, which he never wrote. The author of the novel convincingly proves that this can be the result of a successful PR-action. Its components are: choosing a mission that will define a strategic action plan, forming a vision, legend, ‘equipping’, lexical minimum, presentation, continuous work with the target audience etc.
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