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University management and bodies

Self-governing academic bodies:

The Academic Senate

represents the academic community of the University, and approves its statutes and other legal norms based on the Higher Education Act. It also elects the candidate for the post of Rector, who is then appointed by the President of the Czech Republic.

The Academic Senate has 55 members, the staff/student representation ratio in the Senate is 2:1 and the members are elected for a 2-year period.


The Rector

is the head of the University.

doc. Dr. RNDr. Miroslav Holeček
tel: +420 377 631 000
fax: +420 377 631 002
e-mail: rektor@rek.zcu.cz


The Research Board

acts in an advisory capacity, recommends the appointment of professors, and awards the honorary degree (Dr.h.c.) and the University medal.
Members of the Board are appointed by the Rector in accordance with the law with respect to the distribution of university spheres of concern.


The Board of Directors UWB

issues written approvals listed in the Higher Education Act, renders opinions on the long-term strategy of the University, its budget, the Annual Report and Activity and Economic Report. Members designated by the Rector are appointed by the Minister of Education.



Ing. Jaroslav Lobkowicz




MUDr. Václav Šimánek, Ph.D.

Director of the University Hospital Pilsen

 Ing. Zdeněk Novotný

 Director, Employment Office


Mgr. Martin Baxa

Member of Parliament of the CR, First Deputy Mayor of the City of Pilsen

Prof. Ing. Jan Hron, DrSc., dr.h.c.

Department of Management, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Ing. Karel Křížek, MBA

Executive director, Nuclear Research Institute Rez  plc

Mons. František Radkovský

Emeritus Bishop, Pilsen Bishopric

Jiří Struček

Mayor of Tachov

Ing. Alan Svoboda

Member of the Supervisory Board of ČEZ Customer Service

Ing. Vladimír Ševela

Head of the Office of the State Secretary, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

JUDr. Jiří Šilhavý


Ing. Evžen Tošenovský, dr. h. c.

Member of the European Parliament


Board Secretary:

Ing. Marta Kollerová

Chancellor of UWB



is responsible for University finance and administration.



are responsible for the following areas:

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

Vice-Rector for Research and Development

Vice-Rector for Development and External Relations

Vice-Rector for Transfer of Knowledge and Technology

Self-governing academic bodies of faculties:

  • Faculty academic senate  –  representative body of the faculty’s academic community, approves its status and other standards given by law.
  • Dean – the head of a faculty who acts and decides in the faculty matters unless otherwise provided by law.
  • Vice-deans  –  accredited to run individual areas of faculty activities.
  • Faculty research board  –  dean´s  advisory body, mainly in the area of study plans  and research activities; appointments of professors and docents is recommended by the research board of the faculty
  • Disciplinary commission of the faculty - deals with disciplinary offences of the students of the faculty.
  • Another faculty body is  its academic secretary.
  • Administrative work related to the pedagogical activity is provided by the study department of the faculty.