Czech Language in Education



This study programme is focused on basic linguistic, literary and literary-theoretical disciplines. Students become familiar with methods of philological work and understand the basic stages of the development of the Czech language. They master the methodology of literary- historical work and understand the main tendencies of contemporary literary development.

What will I learn

Students gain in-depth knowledge of basic theoretical topics related to phonetics, phonology, morphology, lexicology, syntax and stylistics, as well as the history and theory of literature. They become familiar with the development of the Czech language. Part of this study programme is a block of courses focused on teaching methods in the field and pedagogical-psychological topics.


Graduates have the possibility of continuing their studies in the Master’s degree programme Teacher Training in the Czech Language for Elementary or Secondary School. They can also study philology and culturological disciplines. Moreover, graduates can work as proofreaders in publishing houses, newspapers and magazines, as well as in radio, television, or printing departments of public institutions and business companies.