Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Health Education



The aim of the study programme is teacher training in accordance with the requirements of the current curriculum for elementary education. The starting point of the studies is a holistic model of the concept of teaching profession, a holistic model in pupil´s interpretation (considering the educational preconditions of the primary school pupil) and a curriculum focused on pedagogical and psychological disciplines, subject didactics and synthesizing disciplines. Rolling and continuous attendance in a class as an auditor together with teaching practice form an integrated part of the study, which is reflected in the professional portfolio.

What will I learn

In the course of study, students are well informed in the individual professional areas of health education, including subject didactics. Graduates demonstrate their competence skills in psychosocial aspects of health, relaxing physical activities, principles of rational nutrition, family education, secual education, protection of people in emergency situations, theories of high-risk behaviour, children's health problems, first aid principles and others at the level of memorizing, understanding, applying and assessing constructively.


Graduates may find employment as qualified teachers in elementary school. Related to the specialization, graduates are also qualified for work teachers in other educational institutions and facilities (such as leisure and art area, leisure and extracurricular facilities etc.).