Area Studies: Bavarian Studies



Pilsen and the Pilsen and Karlovy Vary regions are closely neighbouring with Bavaria and are, therefore, logical partners of Bavarian companies and cultural and educational institutions. It is very important that the intensive cultural, economic and educational interactions are supported by a university institution, which has all the prerequisites to deal with the Czech-Bavarian connection. The university includes this cooperation in projects, professional works and bilateral study contacts. This cooperation is also very important for industrial partners from both regions.

What will I learn

Students gain perfect knowledge of German and specifics of Bavarian dialects as regional variations of standard German. Therefore, they will be able to interact with Bavarian native speakers, who highly appreciate the knowledge of their dialects. Knowledge and skills gained are, therefore, important in terms of social interaction.


Students possess practical skills required in various commercial, non-profit and state organizations. They find employment in management, cultural management, promotion of regions, tourism development, business communication, legislation, project management, etc. They will be familiar with intercultural communication thanks to their knowledge of the linguistic, social, historical and cultural background of both countries.