Design and Construction of Buildings



The aim of the study programme Design and Construction of Buildings is to deepen the theoretical and practical knowledge of students who studied civil engineering or a similar bachelor programme and to provide students with knowledge of material, construction, energy and operational-technological solutions of modern buildings. Modern trends are characterized by the implementation of advanced construction materials and technologies, dematerialization of structures, high complexity, reduction of energy intensity, and environmental impact within so-called sustainable development. At the same time, the importance of the safe operation of buildings is increasing. Emphasis is placed on fire safety, resistance of buildings against extreme effects (explosions, floods, vehicle crashes) and protection of users.

What will I learn

The study programme Design and Construction of Buildings is designed to provide students with knowledge of technical aspects, with a focus on advanced materials, design and technology, reconstruction and diagnostics of modern buildings, optimization of indoor environmental quality, and environmental and economic-managerial skills. Part of the study is mandatory professional practical training completed at one of the industrial partners, or another appropriate company chosen by the student. Industrial partners include important local and multinational construction companies, such as Berger Bohemia, Subterra and Metrostav, and development groups, such as Intercora, as well as cities and large companies owning or managing extensive real estate assets - e.g. Škoda Auto a.s., Prague Airport a.s., etc.


Graduates of this study programme are equipped with skills for the performance of senior positions, especially in design, implementation and expert teams in the areas of design and construction of buildings. Moreover, they can work for building authorities and departments.