This doctoral study programme is aimed at students who decided to focus on scientific research in the field of archaeology. The study programme aims at educating experts who understand archaeology as a wide cognitive discipline. Archaeology is not divided into domestic and foreign, but is considered a unified theoretical discipline, in which individual archaeological communities emphasize their own sources and approaches. Students participate in courses led by professional archaeologits, who play the most important role in their education.

What will I learn

Students gain in-depth knowledge of non-destructive methods of field research, such as aerial photography, geophysical research and surface collection of samples. They focus on research of bio-artefacts with the help of molecular genetics and botanical evidence. Moreover, students focus on neglected archaeological sources. The aim of their research is the ability to contribute to the development of archaeology as a discipline in terms of publication, research and educational activities. In addition, students are in charge of seminars and lessons prepared for younger students of archaeology.


Graduates become professional researchers who are ready to work in the academic sphere, national heritage offices, museums, schools, public administration bodies, government and non-government authorities, or service and consultancy companies.