Modern History



This three-year doctoral study programme is aimed at scientific research and independent creative work in the field of historical research focused on modern history. The aim of the study programme is to enhance the ability to independently and critically explore the past, expand comprehensive knowledge of the political, economic, social and cultural development of human society in the modern era, and apply practical and theoretical skills gained. In the course of study, which is aimed at independent work and thinking, students develop their abilities to work with primary and secondary sources, refine the critical approach to these sources and develop creative thinking when focusing on historical topics.

What will I learn

Students deepen their knowledge of modern history, and become familiar with contemporary socio-political development at contextual and historical levels. They master the methods of scientific work, learn to critically formulate their opinions and focus their research on the development of theoretical knowledge in practice. Students will publish scientific works and prepare seminars for students at lower levels.


Graduates become professional researchers. They find employment in scientific and specialized academic institutions, state administration, and heritage and cultural preservation institutions, as well as in education, NGOs and other fields.