History and Philosophy of Science and Technology



This doctoral study programme is designed for students interested in the history and philosophy of science and technology. It is focused on research activities and independent creative work. Emphasis is put on students’ ability to critically select correct methods, and build relevant theoretical background, as well as carry out a thorough analysis of theoretical and empirical materials and contribute thus to the solution of a specific issue.

What will I learn

Students deepen their knowledge of the history of science and technology in broad cultural and social contexts. They will be able to carry out independent research activities and reconstruct the development of science, scientific disciplines and theories. Students learn to independently formulate problems and apply innovative approaches for their solution. They are able to present the results of their scientific work orally, as well as in writing in form of professional publications.


Graduates have excellent educational skills, and can, therefore, find employment in educational institutions. They have great communication skills in two world languages, which gives them a wide range of opportunities. They can work as popularizers of science and technology, to name but one.