Computer Engineering



The Computer Engineering specialization of the Informatics study program is intended for students who want to acquire a theoretical basis as well as practical knowledge in computer engineering. It is also intended for those who want to devote themselves more to the field of programming, but realize that creating really good software requires a very solid knowledge of hardware operation, i.e. what really happens in computers. The ratio between software- and hardware-oriented subjects is balanced so that graduates of the specialization can successfully work in the field integration of hardware and software in various application areas.
You can find more detailed information on the Department of Computer Science website (only in Czech). Further information and instructions for applying for the study are provided on the faculty website in the Admissions.

What will I learn

You will acquire and deepen your knowledge of electronics to the extent that you understand the function of computers and more complex digital units and can design such systems on a smaller scale. This specialization is not intended for those students who would like to avoid programming, the ratio between software- and hardware-focused subjects is balanced so that you can successfully work in the field of integration of hardware and software in various application areas.
You will master the work with relevant information not only in the Czech language, you will be able to efficiently search for it and you will also learn how to publish your work accordingly. In addition, as with the other specializations, you can choose subjects from other areas according to your individual interest and thus better prepare yourself for your professional career.


As a graduate of this specialization, you will find employment in the design and development of digital systems and their debugging. Good knowledge of the design of embedded and IoT systems will allow you to program their applications and their communication. In development teams, this specialization will allow you to take a position for which a ""purebred"" programmer is not sufficient. But you can also work in the operation of computer systems, in their maintenance and ongoing innovation, especially as a digital equipment technician or computer system administrator.