Software Engineering



Do you enjoy computer science and don't want to get too distracted by other scientific fields? Do you desire a real IT education? Do you want to learn not only to program, but also to effectively design, create, test and maintain high-quality and long-term functional software? We have a bachelor's degree program in Software Engineering just for you. You will receive a comprehensive bachelor's education in computer science with an overlap to the development and management of larger software units. You will gain theoretical knowledge, understand basic IT and mathematical principles and try out a number of practical tasks, you can also choose an internship in a company. You will gain insight into programming languages, get involved in real software projects, experience their life cycle and management, and work in a team.
You can find more detailed information on the Department of Computer Science website (only in Czech). Further information and instructions for applying for the study are provided on the faculty website in the Admissions.

What will I learn

You will learn necessary and exciting topics from the fundamental areas of computer science and software engineering (e.g. algorithmization and programming, programming languages, database and operating systems, computer architectures and networks, computer graphics, parallel programming, artificial intelligence, modeling and software design, security in IT, web applications, programming of IoT devices, user interfaces, software project management, use of collaborative tools or software testing) as well as related parts of mathematics. In particular, towards the end of your studies, you will choose additional natural science, technical, legal or economic courses, which facilitate your entry into a broader portfolio of follow-up master's study programs. Since the language of communication in informatics is English, we will present it to you at the level of professional courses.


You can be employed in all organisations involved in the specification, design, development, testing, administration, maintenance and innovation of software systems and their components, mainly in job roles typical for software companies and IT departments of organisations, such as developer, programmer, IT specialist, tester or ICT systems administrator. However, you can also work as an independent developer, consultant or trainer. The study programme is also an excellent preparation for studying a follow-up Master's degree programme in Software and Information Systems.