Natural Language Processing



Specialization Natural language processing of the follow-up Master's study program Informatics and Its Specializations deals with automatic analysis, processing and understanding of human speech. It is intended for everyone who wants to help facilitate communication in everyday life using a computer. Given that natural language also occurs in the form of image documents, we also focus on image processing such as segmentation and detection of text and objects and optical character recognition.
You can find more detailed information on the Department of Computer Science website (only in Czech). Further information and instructions for applying for the study are provided on the faculty website in the admission procedure section.

What will I learn

The students will be introduced to machine learning and artificial intelligence methods that are used today for language processing and image analysis. Of course, deep neural networks, such as convolutional networks, recurrent networks with memory, or transformer models, which achieve the best results in the given area, will not be left out.


The field of application is getting bigger and bigger! Currently, not only large companies such as Google, Seznam, or Microsoft, but more and more smaller companies are looking for their own automatic solution for text or image processing. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for experts in this field. However, if you are interested in the research and like to ""play"", it is of course possible to apply in the academic sphere.