Theory of Construction of Machines



The aim of this four-year doctoral study programmeme is to educate highly qualified professionals focused on the design of power machines and equipment. Students gain in-depth knowledge of the design, construction and development of power machines and equipment in order to increase their efficiency, durability and reliability.

What will I learn

Students understand the operation of power plants and gain insight into the area of gas turbines and turbochargers. In the course of study, they gain knowledge of nuclear reactors, reactor technology, solar technology, theory of seismology, heat and mass transfer, industrial aerodynamics, turbulence, aeroelasticity, steam-gas devices and acoustics. Students focus on mechatronics, measuring equipment and diagnostics, automation and control of manufacturing machines, as well as construction of road and railway vehicles and forming machines. Students become familiar with advanced 3D modeling techniques, digital product development activities, durability of structures, road safety systems, and modern trends in the manufacturing of machines.


Graduates find employment in power engineering, as well as in calculating, engineering, design, research and development departments and research institutes. Graduates can also work in education.