The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is a proud member of the EUPeace alliance of European universities. Together with other partner institutions, participates in improving the quality and competitiveness of European higher education
What's new?

EUPeace is currently a European university alliance with nine members. Its foundation was laid in February 2021 in Marburg, Germany. The local Philipps-Universität Marburg is its coordinator.

In July 2023, by agreement of the European Commission, the alliance received financial support from the ERASMUS+ program, intended to cover the costs associated with its operation. The University of West Bohemia regularly participates in joint meetings, workshops, and discussions.

What's new?

European Universities Initiative

EUPeace is one of the university alliances brought together by the transnational initiative of the European Universities. Its member institutions are united by a common vision and long-term strategy, the initiative is to enable them to have more intensive mobility of students, employees, researchers. Member universities will also join in the development of excellent scientific and research programs.

The initiative is a prestigious community of 10% of European higher education institutions. It currently has 430 members, of which only nine universities, including the University of West Bohemia, are from the Czech Republic.