Comics and Illustration for Children



The study programme Comics and Illustration for Children focuses on the current development of the genre of comics and its role in education and the modern world. Attention is paid to different categories of illustration for the smallest children, such as folding picture books, colouring books and different varieties of folding books, as well as to books for young readers, and school textbooks and teaching aids.

What will I learn

Students learn how to use various traditional and modern printmaking techniques related to drawing, and they gain in-depth insight into the world of photography. Moreover, students learn how to use various graphic editors and animation techniques. The study is focused on a wide range of different types of comics: entertaining, educational, promotional and informational, as well as on students' personal projects. The study is completed with the basics of dramaturgy, screenwriting and animation.


After graduation, students become independent creators or join creative teams in publishing, graphics, advertising and DTP studios, museums, galleries and other cultural or educational institutions.