Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in the English Language



This study programme is focused on the understanding of the English language system in all its aspects. Students learn how to analyse various literary works and assess their linguistic culture. Students focus on didactic issues, specific teaching methods and educational programmes. They understand Anglophone culture, including its relationships with other cultures. The aim of the study is to educate experts who understand the principles of modern teaching methods used in the 21st century.

What will I learn

The study programme includes both theoretical and practical courses. Students become familiar with perception, reception andmeaning of the Anglophone culture and learn how culture can influence the adoption and use of a second language. They understand a wide range of methods and teaching strategies, which they are able to apply to a specific topic.


Graduates find employment mainly as teachers of English language at elementary schools. Moreover, they have the possibility of continuing their studies in various educational programmes. They find employment in positions which require an excellent knowledge of the English language.