Lower Secondary School Teacher Training in Arts



The aim of the study programme is to understand the position of art and related activities in human life and in general education. Students learn the history of artworks and how to look critically at contemporary creations. They understand the criteria for evaluating aesthetic qualities of artworks. The main focus is on subject-didactic issues, students are introduced to specific teaching methods and educational programmes.

What will I learn

In the course of study, students participate in theoretical and practical courses. The theory is focused primarily on the field of the work interpretation and its analysis or on using the piece of art as a mean of influence and cognition. Another part of subjects is focused on developing students' competencies based on the field of art they choose, painting, graphics, multimedia or spatial art. In addition, students are introduced to the field of didactics, which shall prepare them for their future profession as teachers.


Graduates find employment mainly as teachers of art at elementary, secondary or high schools. They are ready to continue their studies or to start their teaching practice straight away. Moreover, graduates may find employment in professions requiring creativity.