Calculations and Design



This specialization is part of the follow-up academically-oriented Master’s degree programme Applied Mechanics. The specialization is focused on engineering calculations with design elements. The design and optimization of constructions implement modern numerical computational methods, such as the finite element method, finite volume method and boundary element method. The design of constructions places emphasis on both static and dynamic calculations, and on sizing in terms of limit values. The specialization also focuses on calculations using modern materials, such as composite materials, as well as on construction machinery and designing methods using computer technology.

What will I learn

Students of the Master’s degree programme gain in-depth knowledge of applied mechanics, structures and design. They get insight into mechanics, in particular into the dynamics of mechanisms and structures, mechanics of unconventional materials, structures of machines and design of complex parts with the support of CAD systems. Students also learn how to design components and structures.


Graduates find employment in both computational and engineering departments of industrial companies. Moreover, they can work in computing laboratories and in research and development departments of technical and non-technical companies.