Canteen Bory

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Canteen information

Due to anti-epidemic measures, the canteen operates in a restricted mode ((reduction of the number of places).

Food serving is Monday-Friday from 10.30 am to 2.30 pm.

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Main meals

Meal prices are valid on the day of serve at 10:30 a.m. Otherwise they are only approximate.

Váha příloh

  • Brambory vařené 250g
  • Brambory šťouchané 280g
  • Bramborová kaše 300g
  • Bramborové knedlíky 200g
  • Houskové knedlíky 200g
  • Rýže dušená 250g
  • Bramborový salát 250g
  • Těstoviny 200g
  • Plzeňský knedlík 200
  • Špecle 200g

Weight of side dishes

  • Boiled potatoes 250g
  • Chunky mashed potatoes 280g
  • Mashed potatoes 300g
  • Potato dumplings 200g
  • Bread dumplings 200g
  • Steamed rice 250g
  • Potato salad 250g
  • Pasta 200g
  • Pilsen dumplings 200g
  • Spaetzle noodles 200g