Canteen Kollárova

Bon appétit!
Dormitories and Canteens UWB

Canteen Information

Opening hours

Mon - Fri, 11 AM - 2 PM


You have to order your meal in advance. Food cannot be picked up without prior order.

Meal orders are closed on the previous working day at 12 PM.
(Therefore, the order for Monday must be placed no later than 11:59 AM on Friday).

For orders use ISKAM system.

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Main meals

Meal prices are valid on the day of serve at 10:30 a.m. Otherwise they are only approximate.

Váha příloh

  • Brambory vařené 250g
  • Brambory šťouchané 280g
  • Bramborová kaše 300g
  • Bramborové knedlíky 200g
  • Houskové knedlíky 200g
  • Rýže dušená 250g
  • Bramborový salát 250g
  • Těstoviny 200g
  • Plzeňský knedlík 200
  • Špecle 200g

Weight of side dishes

  • Boiled potatoes 250g
  • Chunky mashed potatoes 280g
  • Mashed potatoes 300g
  • Potato dumplings 200g
  • Bread dumplings 200g
  • Steamed rice 250g
  • Potato salad 250g
  • Pasta 200g
  • Pilsen dumplings 200g
  • Spaetzle noodles 200g