Information for students – COVID-19

Last modified 2022/01/19

To obtain current information on the covid-19 issue, follow the deans' decrees on the websites of faculties and the UWB Intranet (Czech only).

Current regulations are available on the government's Covid Portal.

* What are the current measures?

Protective equipment

Face masks must be worn by people inside UWB buildings, with the exception of:

  • accommodation facilities,
  • students in class while seated,
  • teachers while teaching a class, singing and during PE class,
  • people performing work in one place without the presence of other people except for their colleagues,
  • while eating in the cafeteria,
  • athletes while doing sport or people exercising.

The employer is obliged to equip its employees with personal protective equipment, i.e., face masks to cover their mouth and nose, sufficiently in advance and for each day of work / shift. 


In-person learning (lectures, seminars, practical lessons) and educational events and exams that form part of education under the Higher Education Act can be conducted without any restrictions.

Attendance at other educational events (including academic rites and ceremonies) with the participation of more than 20 people requires a Covid certificate (a negative test result, proof of vaccination or proof of recovery).

Foreign students and staff

An obligation to provide these individuals with accommodation (including for quarantine purposes, if necessary), health care, and their return to their home country.


Operation with restrictions – social distancing rules apply, no more than 6 people at one table.


Operation with restrictions – limited capacity, social distancing.

Mass events

No more than 1,000 people at any event held indoors and 2,000 people if the event is held outdoors + a negative Covid test or proof of vaccination/recovery (does not apply to events for up to 20 people and sports events).

In addition to the measures above, the recommendation of washing hands, masking up and social distancing still applies. If possible, use electronic forms of communication. 

People who are Covid-positive are not allowed access to UWB premises.


I have test positive for SARS-Cov2 / I am under mandatory quarantine. What should I do?

If you have test positive for SARS CoV-2 or are put under mandatory quarantine, we recommend to inform your faculty's Student Office of this fact by telephone or email, eventual and a head of your dormitory. In the event of specific extraordinary situations related to the Covid-19 disease, UWB will proceed in line with instructions from the Regional Public Health Authority and will follow all current extraordinary measures adopted for the particular territory by the appropriate Regional Public Health Authority or any nationwide measures enacted by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. Information on any measures applicable to the entire university shall be distributed by email and made public on the UWB website. 


I stay in a dorm, are there any restrictions?

Upon arrival at the student accommodation facility, students must provide proof of vaccination/recovery or take a self-test on site and then every 7 days (this does not apply to those who have been vaccinated or provably recovered from Covid-19).


I have recently visited a foreign country. What should I do?

If you suspect you are infected, contact your GP or the Regional Public Health Authority of the Pilsen Region.

If you have any questions, you can also contact the emergency number 1221.

More information about Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.


Does the university accept incoming and exchange students?

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in the Czech Republic, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends travelling abroad only in urgent and necessary cases. It is possible to travel abroad only if it is possible both on the part of the Czech Republic and on the part of the host country where the mobility takes place. 

University of West Bohemia accepts incoming students. The university follows the instructions from the Czech government. Current rules are described at the website of the Ministry of Health, where the list of red/orange/green countries is also published and regularly updated.

Exchange students are informed regularly by the exchange coordinator from the International Office.
For more questions, please contact the UWB International Office.   

University of West Bohemia recommends following the information on COVID-19 published by Czech authorities, your home university, your embassy or consulate in the Czech Republic and other relevant official sources of information:


* What should foreign students do, what is the accomodation procedure?

Everybody must respect current Czech Government decision when crossing Czech borders.

Accommodation shall be provided to students who can prove:

  • that they have been vaccinated against Covid-19, which they prove through a national vaccination certificate or a vaccination certificate issued in accordance with the European Union's EU Digital COVID Certificate Directive, provided that at least 14 days have elapsed since the completion of their vaccination schedule, or
  • that they have recovered from Covid-19, and this has been confirmed in a laboratory, they have completed the  period of isolation as mandated by the extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health, and no more than 180 days have elapsed since their first positive test for the presence of antigens of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or
  • that they have taken an RT-PCR test for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, with a negative result, no later than 7 days ago, or that they have taken a rapid antigen test (RAT) for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 virus, with a negative result, no later than 72 hours ago.
Students are obliged to prove one of the above facts before the start of their accommodation period and every 7 days thereafter, with the exception of students who provide evidence pursuant to first two points. 

How can I help as a student?


  • Students of the Faculty of Education have offered babysitting for PRIVAMED hospital staff and other volunteer activities.
  • Students offer help at the Facebook page Pomáháme v Plzeňském kraji (We help in the Pilsen region).

* A vaccination site at UWB

At the start of the winter semester, specifically on September 20–22, in cooperation with the EUC Clinic Plzeň, a vaccination site will be set up where clients will be able to get vaccinated with one of three vaccines of their choice without prior registration:

Comirnaty (Pfizer/Biontech) – the second dose administered three weeks later
Spikevax (Moderna) – the second dose administered four weeks later
Janssen (Johnson&Johnson) – a single-dose vaccine

Vaccinations will take place at 8:00–11:30 and 12:00–15:30 in the building of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Univerzitní 22, in Rooms UU 109 and 110.

Prior to the vaccination itself, clients will need to fill out a consent form and a questionnaire, which can be completed on site. Clients will also need to provide their ID and health insurance cards. Following a brief meeting with a medical professional (approx. 1 minute), the vaccine is administered, after which the client must wait 15–30 minutes in the waiting room.


Recommendation for students

  • Follow the current information put out by the teachers of individual courses. The current epidemiological situation is dynamic and changes can occur very quickly.
  • Check your contact details in the STAG system and regularly check your messages in your university email accounts.
  • Make sure that you have access to all the platforms on which teachers organize or will organize their lectures and seminars.
  • In the event of any problems, do not hesitate to contact your teachers as soon as possible in order to resolve any problems.
  • Give your teachers feedback. Your suggestions and comments may help increase the quality of course delivery and avoid any problems and complications.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, inform the relevant Student Office of this fact and if you are staying in a dorm, also the Dorm Manager.

Recommendations for teachers

  • During the first week of study, inform your students about the possibility of transitioning to an online form of study using electronic communication tools.
  • Before the start of the semester, guarantors of courses will decide what communication platform will be used in the event of a transfer to online learning. Information about the various options, organizational, methodological or technical support in distance learning can be found at Lifelong Learning website
  • During the distance form of learning, it is necessary to observe the current class schedule for the winter semester.
  • Actively request feedback from students. Their suggestions and comments may help increase the quality of course delivery and avoid any problems and complications.
  • Inform students of any changes to the organization of the course by email, e.g., by the mail distributor feature in IS/STAG.

Recommendations for guarantors of study programs and department heads

  • Stay in touch with the teachers of individual courses within the various programs’ study plans and department heads, and coordinate the delivery of individual courses to avoid students being overloaded in case of a transition to a combined or distance form of learning. Make sure that the teaching is diverse and varied.

Can I visit the University Library?

Follow current information on the University Library website.


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