Vlasta Klausová awarded the Josef Jungmann Medal

Manager of the Russian Centre at the University of West Bohemia, Vlasta Klausová, was given this   prestigious award in January 2018. The National Committee of the Czech Association of Russian Studies presented her with the Josef Jungmann Medal on the occasion of her life anniversary. Vlasta Klausová is one of the best known Russian studies experts. Along with the Russian Centre, she also chairs the Department of Slavic Languages at UWB, is the Deputy Chair of the Czech-Russian Society, and the Managing Director of the Czech Association of Russian Studies.

Věra Höppnerová nominated for the Milada Paulová Award

Věra Höppnerová, a professor at the Faculty of Education, University of West Bohemia, German studies scholar, author of dozens of German language textbooks and more than two hundred articles, earned a nomination for the Milada Paulová Award in 2018. The competition initiated by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the National Contact Centre Gender & Science, Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences, took place for the 10th time in 2018. The purpose of the Award is to appreciate the achievements of prominent Czech women researchers and inspire women researchers and students as they launch their own research careers.  Věra Höppnerová was one of nine women nominated and although she did  not win  the Award, the nomination itself is a success.

Ján Minár - Honorary Fellow of the Munich University of Applied Sciences

Ján Minár from the NTC research centre received the prestigious Honorary Fellow award at the Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS) in October 2018.  He became the first awardee in the Research Fellowship Programme, which aims to increase  scientific and academic cooperation between  Munich University and its foreign partners. The award is of great importance in terms of the development of Czech-Bavarian academic cooperation, and it fulfils the strategic objectives of the University of West Bohemia  in the area of international cooperation.

Zdeněk Vostracký – Werner von Siemens Award

Zdeněk Vostracký, Rector Emeritus of the University of West Bohemia (1998-2004), received the Werner von Siemens Award for promoting comprehensive engineering education. The 20th jubilee  awards ceremony was held in the historical building of the Bethlehem Chapel in Prague on 22 February 2018. For more than fifty years, Zdeněk Vostracký has been sharing knowledge and professional experience as Chairman of the Board of Directors in Škoda Plzeň with his students. According to the jury, his main contribution to pedagogical activities has been a focus on project-based learning and students’ participation in real-life projects.

Karel Šimka – Lawyer of the Year 2017

Karel Šimka, judge at  the Supreme Administrative Court and lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of West Bohemia, became Lawyer of the Year in the category of administrative law, which has been his teaching specialization at UWB. The competition organized by the Czech Bar Association and EPRAVO.CZ Publishing House had  been held for the 13th time. The gala evening, during which the award along with a glass sculpture of St. Yves, the patron saint of judges, were presented, took place on 26 January 2018.