Computer Graphics



The Computer Graphics specialization of the study program Informatics and Its Specializations is focused on the creation and processing of graphical information, which is typically the preparation, modification, storage and visualization of geometric models, data visualization, and digital image processing. The specialization is scheduled for those who want to see the results of their work, help users see and understand their data, produce internationally understandable results, and decorate the world.
You can find more detailed information on the Department of Computer Science website (only in Czech). Further information and instructions for applying for the study are provided on the faculty website in the admission procedure section.

What will I learn

Creating graphic outputs and processing geometric data is entertaining, but one has to learn something to manage it:
- To create and process geometric and graphical models and algorithms.
- To process signals and digital images.
- To utilize AI techniques and various modern technologies.
- To understand data users.
- To work on small as well as bigger projects.


For human beings, visual information is easier to understand than textual. Its production and processing are needed in various application areas. An expert in this branch accesses application data for human understanding. The graduates are required not only in the game industry or GIS companies, they are usually good at programming and processing big data, so they are welcome even in more generally oriented software companies.