Open Day of the University of West Bohemia

On January 26, we opened the doors of the University of West Bohemia, and for those who could not be with us, we still have the Open Day website full of useful information.

Both offline and online

In the academic year, when the University of West Bohemia commemorates thirty years of its existence, we invited those interested in studying and also the general public to visit us. The Open Day took place on 26 January 2022, both offline and online.

The faculties invited applicants to a personal visit, tours of the buildings, meeting students and teachers and finding out how things go at the university.

In the early evening, the Open Day culminated in a live broadcast (CS only) from the Multilab studio of the Faculty of Design and Art. The most important information about studying at the University of West Bohemia reached even those applicants who were not able to come to Pilsen. All this took place on our website and social networks.

You can also browse the field catalog and see how to apply or how we celebrated 30 years of university.

We are looking forward to the students who choose the University of West Bohemia!

You can see detailed information in Czech.

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