Recognition of foreign higher education

Graduates from foreign universities who wish to use their qualifications in the Czech Republic must have their foreign degrees officially recognized. This does not apply to degrees obtained in Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, or Germany.

An application for recognition of a foreign university degree should be submitted to a public or state university in the Czech Republic. Private universities do not have this authority. The first step is to get a legally attested copy of a diploma issued by the foreign university, along with supplements.  The documents must be translated into Czech by an authorized legal translator. Then you find a university where similar programmes are taught and submit the application.

At the University of West Bohemia, you can have your foreign studies recognized in all its accredited programmes. Within 30 days, the university will confirm whether the foreign university you graduated from provides an education comparable to that provided in the Czech Republic, in accordance with the Act on Higher Education.  We will compare the courses you already studied to those taught at UWB, as well as the number of credits (ECTS) received in both programmes.

If the Czech faculty provides a similar study programme, it recommends the foreign degree for recognition and issues an official statement confirming that the foreign education is equivalent to the Czech one. Detailed information can be found in the UWB document on the Process of Recognition of Foreign Education at the University of West Bohemia (see below).

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