Faculties and Institutes

About us

The Faculty of Applied Sciences offers programmes in physics, geomatics, information technologies, cybernetics, mathematics, mechanics, and civil engineering. 

Its accredited study programmes prepare highly qualified professionals with high prospects on the job market.

Individual departments offer accredited research programmes as well as doctoral programmes.  They are also entitled to carry out procedures for the appointment of associate and full professors. 


Faculty of Applied Sciences
University of West Bohemia
Technická 8, 301 00 Plzeň
tel: +420 377 632 001

website: fav.zcu.cz


Our students find jobs as programmers, project managers, heads of ICT departments in small and larger companies, both Czech and foreign. Thanks to their qualifications, they can expect fast career growth and achieve middle management positions easily.

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The Faculty building received an award in the category of new constructions from the Mayor of Plzeň in 2014. It houses two research centres: NTIS (New Technologies for the Information Society) and CTPVV (Centre of Technical and Natural Science Education and Research).

About us

The Faculty of Arts offers a wide range of study programmes in anthropology, philosophy, history, humanities, and social sciences.  Through its academic work, it helps to enrich and enhance the overall environment and plays an important role in the region’s cultural development.  It represents an important scientific and research centre whose activities and achievements facilitate understanding of the past and the present of the Plzeň Region, including the traditionally close contacts between West Bohemia and South-East Germany.


Faculty of Arts
University of West Bohemia
Sedláčkova 38, 301 00 Plzeň
tel: +420 377 635 001

website: ff.zcu.cz


The Faculty graduates are invited to further cultivate the values of education.  Usually, they find jobs with cultural and educational institutions, in journalism, publishing, public administration or the non-profit sector. 

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One of the research areas of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts is the study of the roots and development of the Plzeň Region and West Bohemia – a topic of high importance which combines research interests of all the departments and which has not received systematic attention in Czech academia so far.

About us

In addition to its Plzeň centre, the Faculty of Economics is also located in the town of Cheb.  It offers programmes in economics at five departments in both the Plzeň and the Karlovy Vary Regions.  It maintains relationships with both commercial and non-profit sectors, as well as state administration.  It closely connects teaching to professional practice.   The Faculty of Economics is open to international cooperation with partner universities in the EU and beyond, and facilitates international student exchanges.  It also offers Lifelong Learning programmes.


Faculty of Economics
University of West Bohemia
Univerzitní 22, 301 00 Plzeň

Hradební 22, 350 11 Cheb
tel: +420 377 633 001

website: fek.zcu.cz


Through the courses taught at the Faculty of Economics, you will gain an insight into macro- and microeconomics, tax policy, the role of inflation, gross national product, pension reforms, and current affairs in the financial sector.  Thanks to cooperation with partners from businesses and the public sector, you can start gaining practical experience early in the course of your studies.

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In cooperation with its outside partners, the Faculty fulfils specific orders, works on development plans for towns and regions, and is involved in many more practical matters. It publishes the journal “Trends in Business” and regularly organizes a conference on the same topic.

About us

The Faculty of Education provides courses in bachelor, follow-up master, master and doctoral programmes of various types, most of them aimed at acquiring a teaching qualification. It offers a wide choice of programmes in Lifelong Learning focusing mainly on further education of teachers. It prepares young people for their profession, supports them in their positive attitudes, and fosters cooperation with outside institutions and with Faculty graduates. It encourages research and development work, as well as international cooperation among students and teachers, especially within the EU.


Faculty of Education
University of West Bohemia
Veleslavínova 42, 301 00 Plzeň
tel: +420 377 636 001

web: fpe.zcu.cz



Our graduates gain qualification for working as kindergarten teachers, or teachers at primary and secondary schools. We further offer the opportunity of three-year non-teaching bachelor programmes in Physical Training and Sport, Natural Science Studies, Historical Studies, and Specialization in Pedagogy.

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Our Faculty members have authored lots of publications, including textbooks for elementary and secondary schools, as well as university textbooks, many of which have received prestigious awards at international book fairs.
The Faculty publishes the scientific journal Arnica, and a practical one called Physics in School.

About us

Along with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is the oldest faculty of the university. It educates bachelors and engineers, and offers doctoral programmes as well. Its graduates find jobs easily and are often targeted by industrial partners. The Faculty carries out extensive basic and applied research with significant practical applications. The Faculty departments participate in developing electrically powered and hybrid means of transport (buses, trolleybuses, trams, trains).


Faculty of Electrical Engineering
University of West Bohemia
Univerzitní 26, 301 00 Plzeň
tel: +420 377 634 001

website: fel.zcu.cz


Study with us and choose a modern programme with excellent prospects on the job market both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Take the opportunity to cooperate with business companies during your studies. We offer all levels of study (Bc., Ing., Ph.D.). An experienced team of professionals working in a building with top-quality equipment guarantees excellent conditions for your successful studies. We offer inspiration, participation in projects, research in unique labs, and opportunities to study abroad, as well as great job prospects.

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The Research and Innovation Centre for Electrical Engineering (RICE) is a new, unique research centre of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, established in 2010 with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the Research and Development for Innovations Operational Programme (RDIOP).

About us

The Faculty of Health Care Studies focuses on the education of medical experts who find jobs in the Plzeň region and beyond. The Faculty offers bachelor programmes in nursing, midwifery, and physiotherapy, and prepares future medical lab technicians, rescue paramedics, and orthotists/prosthetists. It also offers a follow-up master programme in nursing.

The Faculty collaborates with medical institutions through student internships. It also launched cooperation with companies using the Innovation Voucher Programme of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, which supports sharing of knowledge and know-how between the business sector and research institutions.


Faculty of Health Care Studies
University of West Bohemia
Husova 11, 301 00 Plzeň
tel: +420 377 633 701

website: fzs.zcu.cz


Our graduates find employment in hospitals, clinics, private medical organizations, home and family care, physiotherapy centres, spas, community services, or labs.

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The Faculty presents news from the medical field to the public during the Days of Science and Technology, and at events such as the School of Healthy Walking, Foot Sole Screening, and the Plzeň Rescue Cup.  It also organizes conferences such as Education in Nursing, and a festival called The Path of the Woman – Mother.  

The newly established Faculty Centre of Health offers education and counselling for the general public, as well as specific groups, in the area of healthy lifestyle.

About us

The Faculty of Law ranks among the four most favoured and best-regarded law schools in the Czech Republic. Its bachelor, master, and doctoral programmes prepare highly qualified professionals who find excellent opportunities on the job market. Thanks to the cooperation and outstanding relations with foreign universities, we can offer study abroad opportunities in most European countries. We collaborate with a number of institutions in both the private and public sectors.


Faculty of Law
University of West Bohemia
Sady Pětatřicátníků 14, 301 00 Plzeň
tel: +420 377 637 001

website: fpr.zcu.cz


We provide education in the fields of law and public administration. Along with standard courses, we also offer mock trials, law office internships, clinical legal practice, and a new certificate programme, Religious Law. Many Faculty members can provide valuable practical feedback based on their experience as judges, attorneys, distrainors, insolvency managers, etc.

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The Faculty has published its own scientific journal “Právnické listy” (Legal Papers) since 2017, which focuses on legal subjects and related themes, including the theory of law and state. The journal is published twice a year, both in hard copy and electronically.

About us

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest faculties in Plzeň. It ranks among the best educational institutions, with an excellent reputation in science and research. Its accredited study programmes educate highly qualified experts who are in great demand on the job market.

Individual departments offer accredited research programmes as well as doctoral programmes. They are also entitled to carry out procedures for the appointment of associate and full professors.


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
University of West Bohemia
Univerzitní 22, 301 00 Plzeň
tel: +420 377 638 001

website: fst.zcu.cz


We offer education, research, and development in both modern and traditional engineering disciplines. Our graduates are highly employable both in the Czech Republic and in Europe. Close cooperation with foreign technical universities and industrial companies in Plzeň and the region enables us to offer top-quality education combined with research and development for modern engineering.

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The Faculty also includes the Regional Technological Institute (RTI), a research centre with a great deal of experience in the fields of basic and applied research.

About us

The Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art (nicknamed Sutnarka) is a modern art school whose students, led by many noted Czech artists, achieve bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a wide spectrum of art disciplines, especially in design and applied arts. The philosophy and activities of the school build on the inspiring legacy of a famous native of Plzeň, the world-renowned Czech-American designer Ladislav Sutnar.


Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art
University of West Bohemia
Univerzitní 28, 301 00 Plzeň
tel: +420 377 636 716

website: fdu.zcu.cz


The Faculty prides itself on a team of respected artist-teachers who guide the students to achieve significant success in Czech and international competitions, carry out projects relevant to practice, participate in exhibitions, help to cultivate the public space in Plzeň, and much more.

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The Faculty runs the prestigious Ladislav Sutnar Gallery which, over the short time of its existence, has presented works by acclaimed artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Malina, Ladislav Sutnar, Karol Weisslechner, Richard Conte from Paris-Sorbonne, Milan Grygar, Jan Solpera, and other notable personalities.

About us

The Institute of Applied Language Studies offers language education to students of all UWB Faculties in bachelor, master, and several doctoral programmes. It also provides language courses for the University of the Third Age and Lifelong Learning programmes, and offers international language examinations as well as preparatory courses. It offers a wide range of courses in professional and general communication, academic language courses, and conversation classes with native speakers.


Institute of Applied Language Studies
University of West Bohemia
Univerzitní 22, 301 00 Plzeň
tel: +420 377 635 201

website: ujp.zcu.cz

Cultural / Education centre

The American Centre U.S. Point invites the general public to attend free English courses, seminars and discussions on American politics, economy, and other themes presented by inspiring guest speakers, and regular conversation and movie clubs. U.S. Point also offers access to the eLibrary USA database.

The Russian Centre educates teachers of Russian from the Plzeň region and organizes free Russian courses for the general public. Visitors have access to a cultural centre with an interesting book collection.

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The Institute of Applied Language Studies offers courses in English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Chinese, and Czech for foreigners.

Every summer it runs the International Summer Language School for three weeks. Courses with a small number of students are taught in a casual atmosphere. The Summer School also organizes a rich accompanying programme including excursions and social gatherings.

About us

Since 2000, the New Technologies - Research Centre (NTC) has focused on research, development, and innovation. It takes pride in cutting-edge technological equipment and an international team of 130 experienced, very professional and highly motivated experts.

It is successful in introducing innovative solutions to industrial applications. It participates in international projects, conducts teaching and qualification procedures at a number of Faculties, and guarantees the doctoral programme Engineering of Special Technologies and Materials.


New Technologies - Research Centre (NTC)
University of West Bohemia
Teslova 9a, 301 00 Plzeň
tel: +420 377 634 701

website: ntc.zcu.cz


NTC focuses on laser and thermovision technologies for industrial applications; development of new materials, membranes, and polymer materials; modelling of deformation and dynamic processes; measuring and simulation of liquid flow and heat transfer; development of thin-film materials for photovoltaics, photonics, and microsystem technologies; fuel cells; energy storage; measuring of biometric signals and human body modelling; and man-machine interaction.


NTC co-operates with dozens of domestic and international industrial companies on solving their technical and technological problems. Scientific teams carry out research and deliver interdisciplinary solutions across the entire value chain – from the idea to the prototype.

University Units


doc. Dr. RNDr. Miroslav Holeček

Office of the Rector and the Bursar

The Rector's and Bursar's Office provides administrative support to the Rector and the Bursar, manages their daily schedules, provides protocol services during events at the University and outside, and keeps a record of internal regulations issued by the Rector and the Bursar. Along with these duties, the Office is in charge of organizing meetings of the Board of Directors and the Scientific Board, prepares materials for the Academic Senate meetings and the Rector's Board. It also coordinates cooperation between the University and student organizations.

website [cs]

Mgr. Lucie Václavová Čulíková
+420 377 63 1003

Bc. Zuzana Podlenová
Rector´s office
+420 377 63 1005

Radka Kristlová
Bursar's Office
+420 377 63 1061

Internal audit Division

The Internal Audit Division is responsible for independent internal audits at UWB, i.e. financial audits, systems audits, and performance audits. This Division also prepares proposals for the mid-term and annual plans of internal audits and confirms compliance with state laws, internal regulations, and standards of UWB. The Division is directly subordinate to the Rector, who receives its reports on audit results, including proposed remedies.

website [cs]

Mgr. Monika Rázková
+420 377 63 1090

Division for Human Resources

The Human Resources Division is responsible for personnel strategy at UWB. It provides support to University units in hiring new employees, including foreign ones, monitors employee satisfaction and proposes measures for fostering it. It nurtures the university culture, carries out HR marketing, coordinates the HR Award project activities, and maintains contacts with similar units at universities abroad. It also participates in administering the system of employee compensation and benefits, develops the career structure of UWB, and offers career counselling to employees.


Mgr. Lenka Caisová, Ph.D.
+420 377 63 1210

Quality Division

The Quality Division is responsible for the quality assurance system with regard to teaching and creative activities, and related activities at UWB. It is responsible for the internal quality assessment and publishes information on its implementation. It also coordinates the activities of the UWB in the field of HR Award, in the field of employee education and also in the field of lifelong learning, e-learning and popularization of science.

website [cs]

PhDr. Lucie Rohlíková, Ph.D.
+420 377 63 1900

Legal Department

The Legal Department is in charge of all legal matters and legislation of the UWB. This means, for example, that it creates internal regulations and standards, proposes the organizational structure and organizational rules of the UWB, as well as handling requests for information. It also represents the university before courts and administrative bodies and is in charge of checking the legal requirements of all contracts at the UWB providing, for example, methodological support to workplaces in awarding public contracts and awards sub-limit and above-limit public contracts for supplies, services and construction works.

website [cs]

JUDr. Blanka Žižková, LL.M.
+420 377 63 1010

Data Protection Officer

The Commissioner for Personal Data Protection oversees that the processing of personal data at the UWB takes place in accordance with the relevant legal regulations and internal legislation. They are the contact person for data subjects, responsible for handling inquiries and requests concerning personal data. Their task is to raise awareness at the UWB on the issue of personal data protection, to monitor the compliance of their processing with GDPR regulation, to cooperate with the supervisory authority or, for example, to keep records of processing activities.


Mgr. Ilona Oplová
+420 377 631 013 

Project Center

The project center provides administration of projects solved at the UWB. It provides methodological support to project developers, manages project records and project documentation, searches for, publishes and draws attention to components on project acquisition opportunities. It is also responsible for the preparation of projects of a university-wide nature or of strategic importance and ensures their project management.


Ing. Miluše Brunátová
+420 377 63 1040


Mgr. Marta Kollerová

Finance division

The Finance Division prepares, among other documents, materials for the financial plan and the University budget, publishes the Annual Financial Report and financial analyses. It is responsible for accounting for primary and additional activities, manages payment transactions, processes tax returns and payments, tracks liabilities and handles travel orders. It also manages the inventory, keeps a record of contracts, and ensures their publication in the contract registry. Furthermore, it coordinates and evaluates the additional activities of the University, including contract research, and keeps relevant documentation.

website [cs]

Ing. Michael Holenda
+420 377 63 1100


University Library

The University Library builds library collections and provides library information services, in accordance with the fields of study and research plans of UWB, to employees, students, and the public. The library also keeps a record of the results of publishing activities of UWB employees and students, provides publishing, printing, and copying services, sells study materials, and runs an e-shop.


PhDr. Miloslava Faitová
+420 377 63 7700


Information Technology Centre

The Centre for Information Technology (CIV) introduces, maintains, and develops information technology at the University of West Bohemia. It provides services to the University units in support of teaching, learning, and research activities. Its main office, which offers public computer labs as well as the HelpDesk user support centre, is located on the Bory campus.

website [cs]

Dr. Ing. Jan Rychlík
+420 377 63 2700


Operations and Services

The Operations and Services Unit is responsible for the operation, maintenance, cleaning and repair of buildings and premises, and also manages the University housing and lodging facilities and rental of non-residential premises. It is responsible for  fire protection, operation of energy facilities including checks and revisions, and protection and surveillance of buildings and property. It administers UWB insurance and follows the University´s  agenda with respect to  ecology and waste management. It issues purchase orders for mobile  and static  property, replacement parts, and equipment needed for the normal functioning  of buildings and facilities, and for repair of offices and other types of equipment. It also manages the central warehouse. The Unit is in charge of investment planning, preparation and implementation of construction projects (modernisation, reconstruction, technical evaluation of buildings) and maintains technical and administrative documentation . It operates the central mailroom and provides transportation services for University units.

website [cs]

Ing. Marie Vališová
+420 377 63 1500


Accomodation and Catering Administration

Dormitories and Canteens Administration provides accommodation and catering services to students, employees, and the public. It runs nine dormitories in Plzeň and lodging facilities for students of the Faculty of Economics in Cheb, two canteens, and several snack bars and cafés in UWB buildings.

website [cs]

Blanka Frejlachová
+420 377 63 4850

The Nečtiny training and accommodation facility

The Nečtiny training and accommodation facility offers accommodation in the historic environment of the original chateau with a large capacity suitable for larger groups (schools, sports clubs and conferences).

website [cs]

Bc. Štěpánka Špilerová, MBA
+420 377 63 1855

Vice-Rector for Development and External Relations

doc. Ing. Vladimír Duchek, Ph.D.

Strategy Division

The Strategy Division is responsible for preparing and updating the UWB Strategic Plan and follows its implementation. The Strategy Division also develops the UWB institutional plan, the Annual Report on UWB Activities, and the budgeting methodology. In relation to the above-mentioned strategic documents, this Division also performs analytical activities.

website [cs]

Ing. Jana Havelková
+420 377 63 1034


External relations Division

What has just happened at the University of West Bohemia and what is in the works? The External Relations Division lets everyone know through the University news service published on a regular basis on the web and social media. This division handles everything concerning marketing and communication: it builds a positive image of the University with the public and the media, deals with the media, organizes major University events, maintains relations with potential students and alumni, publishes a University magazine, oversees the proper use of the University visual style, and much more. Furthermore, it offers methodological support to University units in the areas of communication and presentation

website [cs]

Mgr. Kamila Kolářová
+420 377 63 1070


Vice-Rector for Research and Development

doc. Ing. Luděk Hynčík, Ph.D.

Research and Development Division

This Division is responsible for allocating funds for specific University research and for the long-term development of research plans for the purpose of preparing the UWB budget. It manages the grant system and activities of the grant committee. It also implements the associate professorship and professorship procedures at UWB, sets the agenda of the Scientific Board, and processes statistical data pertaining to the research and development area.

website [cs]

Ing. Tomáš Görner, Ph.D.
+420 377 63 1039


Transfer and contractual research Division

The Transfer and Contract Research Division supports cooperation between the academic and business sectors. It facilitates effective communication between UWB research teams and the commercial and non-profit sectors. The BoostUp Business Innovation Club, which assists students in starting a business, is part of this Division.


Mgr. Petra Krupková
+420 377 63 1086


Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning

RNDr. Blanka Šedivá, Ph.D.

Division of Teaching and Learning

The Teaching and Learning Division proposes the plan for development of educational activities at UWB, including Lifelong Learning. It deals with accreditation of study programmes, recognition of foreign university education, and reviews procedures and decisions concerning applicants and students. It also issues the Study and Examination Regulations and the Scholarship Regulations, develops the quality assessment system of the education process, and coordinates the work of the UWB Internal Evaluation Board.

website [cs]

Mgr. Irena Míková
+420 377 63 1021


Division of Lifelong learning

The Division of Lifelong Learning is responsible for administration of the UWB Lifelong Learning Council. It also focuses on senior education programmes designed by the popular University of the Third Age.

Lifelong Learning

website [cs]

University of the Third Age


Mgr. Magdalena Edlová, DiS.
+420 377 63 1907

Information and Advice centre

The Information and Councelling Centre offers students counselling related to studies, as well as social, psychological, and legal issues. The Centre’s staff helps students gain insight into specific problem areas, and helps them solve their problems and overcome difficult situations in their personal, academic and professional life. The Centre also provides counselling to students with special needs. In addition, it offers its services in the Kulturka club on Sedláčkova street in the city centre. The Information and Counseling Centre also includes a Career Centre, which helps students to be prepared for employment.

website [cs]

Bc. Pavla Hrabačková
+420 377 63 1350-4

Vice-Rector for Internationalization

Ing. Dita Hommerová, Ph.D., MBA

International Office

The International Office is responsible for UWB international activities. Its employees are experts on educational programmes in the EU and beyond. They give advice on opportunities to study abroad, including internships, language courses, and research and lecture stays. The International Office coordinates the Erasmus+ programme and other international educational projects on the university level, prepares international agreements on cooperation with foreign partners and takes care of international students, lecturers, and other guests from academia and science. Last but not least, the Office builds the University’s international profile and makes it visible on an international level


Mgr. Jana Ovsjanniková
+420 377 63 5773


Youth exchange centre – TANDEM

The Tandem Czech-German Youth Exchange Coordination Centres operate in Pilsen and Regensburg, fostering friendly relations and promoting cooperation between young Czechs and Germans. The two Centres provide counselling services, support governmental and non-governmental organizations of both countries in developing Czech-German youth exchanges, and foster international cooperation in working with children and youth. The Centres are state-run organizations, whose goal is to bring together young people from the Czech Republic and Germany.


Ing. Jan Lontschar
+420 377 63 4750